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City Showcases SimCity 4 Stories
General Information
Founding Founded on September 11, 2006
Webmaster Jirnsum
Administrators Rexer
Global Mods Gil
Languages English
Alexa Ranking 1.884.985

Simphoni was a SimCity 4 fansite that was founded on September 11, 2006, following the shutdown of SimCity Central two days earlier. Simphoni was essentially a reboot of the old SimCity Central, with all of that site's old content, under a new name. As such, its forum hosted some of the earliest discussions of the game, dating back to 2002.

The site took off running with much of the old SimCity Central community, and quickly established itself as its own, new fansite. While there was talk of reunification when SimCity Central came back online later that year, the sites remained independent and both flourished for some time. The site provided coverage of many of the SimCity franchise games, as well as related city-building games such as Cities XL, and other Maxis games, such as The Sims and Spore.

Simphoni became a defunct site in late 2013. As of July 2016, its sister site, SimCity Central, is still operational, but has been largely inactive since 2013 as well.