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SimCity 4 Devotion
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General Information
Founding Founded on 4 November 2006
Webmaster Tarkus
Administrators BarbyW
Global Mods Andreas
Languages English, International
Alexa Ranking 287.037

The Site


Sim City 4 Devotion, most commonly called SC4D, is a member supported fansite dedicated solely to the (EA) game SimCity 4. The site caters to the "serious player" and is the home of a number of some premier SC4 custom content development teams, such as the BSC, Network Addon Mod Team, and the AC Team. The site also hosts dedgren's Three Rivers Region and ChrisAdams3997's Rural Renewal Project, along with many popular Mayor Diaries and a Picture Competition. SC4D is also the portal and co-host with BSC of the LEX, a custom content download site.

SC4D was founded on November 4 2006, by jeronij, a member of the SC4 community from Spain, who had prior to that time authored the City Journals Sculpting Columbia River and Simtropia at Simtropolis. jeronij initially privately sponsored the webspace for the site and did all of its formatting and design. A core of many of the community's most distinguished members had joined by the end of 2005, and 3RR moved over from Simtropolis and set up as one of the site's first Mayor Diaries in December of that year. South African member Colyn, also known in the community as Vlakhaas, and dedgren became the site's assistant administrators early in 2007.

By it's first birthday in 2007, the site had grown to just under 5000 members. Its forum sections were very busy, with a fairly consistent daily average since that time of about 300 new posts. jeronij and the assistant admins created a staff from the most involved and knowledgeable members, and the site has received many accolades for being well organized and efficiently run. During 2007, the NAM Team and AC Team relocated from Simtropolis.

In June 2008, Tarkus and RippleJet, were appointed by jeronij to fill two newly created administrator positions. The growth and activity on the site during its second year increased substantially, with SC4D's membership growing to well over 15.000 members by its second birthday. Around the Summer of 2008, the site experienced its first real growing pains, as its servers became overwhelmed by all the activity and the demands of hosting the LEX. This caused jeronij to move SC4D onto dedicated server space, at a substantial increase in monthly cost. Rather than require members to contribute to defray expenses, jeronij opened the site up to limited advertising, which a member has the option to eliminate by "subscribing" for a nominal amount. SC4D also worked with BSC to produce the SC4D DVD, which was released in November 2008, and is sent to any member who contributes €25 or more to the site.

SC4D entered it third year true to its original purpose. Over the years, its relations with other SC4 fansites, notably Simtropolis and SimPeg, have mellowed, and there is a notable absence of the controversies between sites that have marked the past. In late November 2008, dedgren and Colyn left their admin positions and jeronij selected BarbyW, and thundercrack83 to replace them. dedgren, who had asked to step down based on his desire to focus his time on 3RR, remains on in the capacity of an adviser to jeronij and the staff as "SC4D Counsellor."

As of May 22nd, 2009, Diggis, Jmouse, rooker1 and threestooges have been appointed as new Global Moderators. Various other staff members have since been appointed as Global Moderator or Admin.

Since August 2019, the site has been owned and operated by Tarkus.