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dedgren (who signs his posts David) has been a Sim City fan since the late 80s original version days. He has been playing SC4 more or less non-stop since its release in January, 2003, and became a part of the larger community when he joined Simtropolis in June of 2004. He joined SimCity 4 Devotion as one of its first members in November, 2005, and was an administrators there from January, 2006 until November, 2008, when he retired from the position. He now serves the site as the "SC4D Counselor" and, in that role, provides the staff with advice and assistance as needed.

David's major SC4 community endeavor is Three Rivers Region. 3RR started as a city journal at Simtropolis in March of 2006 and then moved over to SimCity 4 Devotion in December of that year. The first couple of months, 3RR was a fairly standard city journal, but by the summer of 2006, David was well on his way to throwing everything into it but the kitchen sink. Many of his posts through the end of 2006 were tutorials on terraforming, SC4 mapping and other aspects of the game. A frequently explored topic in 3RR is the relationship of Real Life scale to the game. David announced that the region would ultimately be developed collaboratively on a multiplayer basis starting in early 2007, but he has delayed that start indefinitely as he has become increasingly involved with others in creating custom content for the game. 3RR frequently serves as a showcase for this content, which has included "plop water" animated rapids and waterfalls, wide radius road curves (with memo and Tarkus), fraction angle road and rail (FAR/FARR) (with Tarkus), and most recently single track rail (STR) as a member of the RAM Team. He has also, with freedo50 and filasimo been working on the not RMIP wide and diagonal runway set. 3RR heads into its third year on SimCity 4 Devotion with everyone wondering, as has become the usual state of affairs, what might be coming next.

A number of SC4 teams count David among their members. These include the BSC (January, 2007), NHP (___, 2007), RAM Team (___, 2008) and the NAM Team (September, 2008). He is also a member of the 3RR Team, which includes the collaborators and others who have made a significant contribution to the Three Rivers Region. David was made a member of the Simtropolis Help Squad in November, 2008.

The Real Life David is currently a self-employed lawyer working from offices in Anchorage, Alaska. He has, in addition to his law degree, a graduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning, and has worked as a staff planner for a local government planning agency in upstate New York. David lives with his wife Heather in Wasilla, Alaska, which has just enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame for reasons he had absolutely nothing to do with.