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General Information
Credits See NAM Team
Status Released (Early Stage of Development) (N/A)
Project Threads RRW Development/Support at SC4Devotion
Language English

The RealRailway (RRW) is a plugin of the NAM since version 32. It is a successor to the RAM--now deprecated--and was in its initial form started in an effort to bring the railway network up to the standard set by the RHW.

Though sometimes mentioned as Swordmaster's creation, the RRW's launch was mostly dependent on the desire of the wider community to see an expansion of the rail network's capabilities. After he started a retexture project, Swordmaster had his ideas soon supported and adopted by the NAM team, and transformed into an encompassing redesign of the entire rail network.

As developed by the NAM team, it was at first mostly a private project, supported by illustrious members such as Dedgren--the RAM project's initiator; rivit--at the time the only active rail modder; memo--an experienced NAM member; and the de facto team leader Tarkus. After bing previously hinted at in a number of personal posts by Swordmaster, the project's development thread officially went public on June 15, 2013.

The first RRW version (for NAM 32), released in January 2014, was very basic in its appearance. Even so, it set a number of new standards for the network, including a transition to becoming model-based, a complete INRUL rewrite, a texture redesign involving a narrowing of the rail gauge (and hence new pathing), and the start of a new STR override code base. During the release cycle of NAM 33, eggman121 took over lead development in Swordmaster's absence. A number of bugfixes and gap-filling additions were soon accompanied by the new developer's release of FlexTrack: a continuation and redesign of Swordmaster's ideas for draggable Wide Radius Curves, Switches, and Fractionally Angled Railroads.

Like the other major NAM components, the RRW remains in continuous development.


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