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Andreas is a German modder who entered the community in May 2002, when the development of SimCity 4 was announced. He quickly became a moderator in the German SimForum, and an avid contributor to the now defunct SimsZone shortly after the release of SC4 in January 2003. His modding career dates back to 2004, when he translated some Japanese BATs into German, which quickly sparked quite some interest in the German community. Over the following years, he translated numerous BATs and lots into German, which are now available at SimCityKurier. While working with those files, he also became a prolific modder in several fields.


Apart from his involvement at SimForum and SimCityPlaza, Andreas is also a moderator at Simtropolis, SC4Devotion and SimPeg. He is a BSC and NAM team member, and founder of the German SimForum BAT Team.