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Exchange Pegasus Lot Exchange
Gallery Gallery
City Showcases City Journals
General Information
Founding Founded on 12 March 2003
Webmaster Pegasus
Administrators None
Languages English
Alexa Ranking 536.366

SimPeg, previously known as Pegasus Productions, was a SimCity 4 fansite owned and operated by Pegasus, started on 12 March 2003. The site formerly hosted a forum, well-known for off-topic tangents, and an exchange, the PLEX, which hosted files created by Pegasus and a select number of other site regulars, either under the PEGPROD or Night Owls labels. In the latter years of the site, Pegasus had largely handed the operational reins to Paeng.

After a catastrophic database failure, and with no surviving backup, SimPeg was permanently closed on 2 July 2015.