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SimCity Polska
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General Information
Webmaster Maxpio
Administrators KACP3R
Languages Polish, English

SimCity Polska is a Polish SimCity 4 Fansite. It was founded in November 2007, and has since become well known in the SimCity 4 custom content world. It has many W2W buildings in the modern style, which are quite hard to find anywhere outside the STEX.

On May 18, 2018, SimCity Polska administrator kbieniu7 announced that the site would be closing by the end of the year, due to rising hosting costs and diminished site activity, with the forums closing in the coming weeks, and the exchange remaining active until the final closure. Simtropolis has since stepped in to serve as a new home for the SimCity Polska downloads, which, much like the files from SimPeg, exist in their own STEX category.

Languages Languages:

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