City Builders

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City Builders
Forums Forums
Exchange CBEX
General Information
Founding Founded on April 7, 2012
Webmaster Catty
Administrators Catty
Languages English, International

The City Builders Website was founded in early 2012 by Catty as a website "for City Planners and Builders whether it's Real Life or a Game."[1] Early discussion about this website began in this thread at SC4Devotion, and the first link to the new website was posted there on April 7, 2012. Discussion about City Builders on SC4D was later moved to its own topic, which was started April 19, 2012. The City Builders website received an overhaul in early June 2012, including a new appearance, the debut of the CBEX, and further refinement to the site's existing features.

The City Builders website features a forum, discussion area, file exchange (the CBEX), best picture competition, image gallery, and the Custom Content Catalog. The Custom Content Catalog is "a master reference index mainly for SimCity 4 Plugins and their locations, but can be used by any registered user to record any assets, games or websites and their locations on the Internet."[1]


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