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The SCAG's Logo for 2009 ("The Jet")

The SimCity Aviation Group (also known as the SCAG and previously as The Airport Team) is a major group of BATters, Lotters, and Modders who share a common interest in aviation. The SimCity Aviation Group was formed in 2006 as The Airport Team by Pilotdaryl. Since then, the team has initiated many major projects. They work and collaborate at both SimCity 4 Devotion and Simtropolis.


"The Airport Team" was formed in mid-2006 as a result of interest in the SimCity aviation community from Pilotdaryl, before the first RMIP airport packs were released. Some of the original members of the team include Pilotdaryl, Xiziz and The Boy Formerly Known as Evil Muzz and Kack. The then new team was very active with much development in smaller projects.

In March 2007, Pilotdaryl entered the aircraft BATting business with the Athalon 920 business jet, and soon proceeded to BAT the Boeing 777-300ER. Here begins the time when the SimCity Aviation Group became well renowned for its long-time 777 project.

In May 2008 "The Airport Team" was renamed to the "SimCity Aviation Group", and Pilotdaryl doubled his efforts by introducing the MD-80 project. After some time being almost alone, new members including Fatsuhono and simsmart were introduced to the team. The SCAG's aircraft production has since tripled with the addition of 4 new aircraft lines, with more to come soon.

The SCAG was formed, developed and showcased most of its projects at Simtropolis. On September 19, 2008 the SimCity Aviation Group entered the SimCity 4 Devotion Community with a new team room and have since mostly been working from there.

Current projects

The SCAG has been working on many major projects including:

  • Boeing 777-300/ER - this project has been going on since 2007 and involves the creation of new aircraft for SimCity 4. Various people have been working to create textures including Pilotdaryl, Fatsuhono, and Voltaire. Many of the airline liveries were created by supla007, who at this point remains inactive. The first batch of 777s will be released later this year.

777 thread at SC4D

  • McDonnell Douglas MD-80 - this is a more recent project that was started in June 2008, and also involves aircraft modeling. Pilotdaryl is as of now the only one involved in this project. As of August 2009, textures are being created for the MD-80.

MD-80 thread at SC4D

  • SCAG Modular Airports - This will be a series of modular and pre-made sets including control towers, hangars, roads and maintenance facilities. Development on the SCAG Modular Airports is on hold.

Fatsuhono SMA thread at SC4D

  • Embraer E-Jets - The Embraer E-Jets aircraft series is slated to become Pilotdaryl's next aircraft modeling project. The project is being planned and resources are being gathered, and modeling is expected to begin later this year.
  • Fokker 100/70 series - For the first time, a new aircraft modeler has entered the team. With the assistance of Pilotdaryl, Fatsuhono will be leading a new aircraft project beginning this fall. As of August 2009, this project is on hold.F100 thread at SC4D
  • Boeing 727 - RustyXL has BATted the 727 aircraft line, and as of August 2009, the liveries are being made, and progress is on-going.

Boeing 727 thread at SC4D

  • ATR 72/ATR 42 - Joelyboy911, a relatively new SCAG member, has BATted these planes, and as of August 2009, lotting and modding work is underway.

ATR 72/42 Thread at SC4D

  • SCAG Cargo Lots - ShadeSlayer has taken on a project to make custom lots using cargo aeroplanes to make modular lots for cargo terminals at airport areas. The project is well underway as of August 2009.

SCAG Cargo Lots thread at SC4D

  • 767-300 - Kumba, after encouragement from Joelyboy911, decided to begin a second a set of his popular 767 prop pack, and join the SCAG. The team is working to release this set, including many new liveries, in high definition, with nightlights and jetways and fully lotted. As of August 2009, Joelyboy911 is working on finishing liveries and modelling the jetway.

767 Thread at SC4D

  • De Havilland Canada Dash-8 - Joelyboy911's second aircraft BAT project will cover the popular dash-8 turboprop line. Modelling and texturing is underway as of August 2009. The project also includes BATting the BAe Jetstream 41 and 31 turboprops.

Dash-8 and BAe Jetstream Thread at SC4D

SCAG Members

Current Active Members

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