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jplumbley is a Canadian member who was one of the founders NHP, and was as an active contributor to the NAM, being the project leader for the Street Addon Mod, and a major player in all facets of custom content development.

He began to be actively involved in the community as part of the testing team for wouanagaine's SC4Terraformer in 2006, a project which ultimately led to the founding of NHP. He has made several releases under the NHP banner, including a number of maps, the most notable being the Invermere Valley series, the result of a collaboration with beskhu3epnm. He also released a modular country club set through NHP, called FLOG.

In December 2006, he also began a collaboration with Tarkus, which resulted in the formation of the Network Widening Mod project. The two would also later collaborate on the RealHighway Mod and Street Addon Mod . He became a member of the NAM Team in May 2007, and released his first transit mod, SAM Version 1, in September of that year, beginning a fruitful collaboration with texture artist Diggis. This was followed up with Version 2 in January 2008 and most recently, Version 3 in April 2008. He was also in the process of re-writing the NAM Road Turning Lanes Plugin.

In addition, jplumbley also collaborated with mott in research on the Traffic Simulator, which resulted in a complete overhaul of the NAM Traffic Plugin options with the April 2008 release, with the inclusion of the "A" and "B" Simulators. He was also an outspoken critic of certain uses of Transit-Enabled Lots.