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SimCity Journal Union

Flag of the SCJU

SCJU Motto
Ad Amicis Honesta Petamus (Latin)
Let us Ask our Friends nothing more than honourable things (English)
SCJU Anthem: United Federation of Nations ([1])
SCJU Centres
SCJU headquarters New Rhodesia
(Province of New Rhodesia)
SCJU Courts Casanares
Economic HQ Valmont
(Viceroyalty of Dominea)
Current Presiding Nation Muzz
(Muzz) - OCT-DEC
Secretariat Movia
General Information
Union Days Unity - 18th Feb
Founding - 25th July
Official languages English, French, Welsh (PNR), Zukish (MYN), Imperial Common (DOM), Spanish
Working language English
The Presidency

New Rhodesia
Economic Information

Other currencies:

Web Resources
Homepage Homepage
Forums The Forums
Old Forums


The SimCity Journal Union is the oldest and largest SimCity 4 journal union on the internet. Founded by Simtropolis member Muzz, on July 25th 2005 as the Simtropolis Journal Union operating solely on that specific fan site. With the edition of "Leech10" and "Jeb", the founding members set to work on creating a forum off Simtropolis, and thereby not cluttering up Simtropolis threads and categories with Union related business. The Simtropolis City Journal Union, became the SimCity Journal Union on the recommendation from 6underground as to maximize and not alienate potential new members from sites other than Simtropolis, approximately late November.

Over the course of three years since its founding, it has gained notoriety throughout many SC4 sites, attracting esteemed award winning CJ's such as Chaumont, Dominea, New Rhodesia, Savannah, St Marque Inlet and many more. Incidentally, these members had an significant effect on the structure of the union as a political and roleplaying union, which served to promote the activity between disparate members, who otherwise would likely never had associated together, without the SCJU, in turn lessening the amount of activity/updates in some CJ's. A significant amount of members have won Trixies from Simtropolis, gold and silver awards from Simphoni and SimCity Central. Many have also been privileged to become "Mayor Diary of the Month" at SC4 Devotion.

From a meager forum, the SCJU progressed into hefty hybrid of United Nations-European Union ideas from SC4. Exploiting a niche market, allowing players to extend themselves beyond the confines of the game and allowing them to represent their nation, internationally as realistically as possible.


Membership is determined by application to become a member, followed by review by the President, and depending on the desired level of membership, also the Security Council. The SCJU does not demand any kind of donations or monthly payment at any level, but only asks to donate money if you can.

There are four forms of membership:

  • Full Member = Access to all privileges
  • Ambassador = Access to most privileges, a form of membership that allows you to "test the waters" before committing to anything.
  • Sub-Ambassador
  • Observer


  • The SCJU has the oldest and possibly largest SC4 wiki on the internet.
  • The SCJU has several custom BAT's, Props and LOT's that are only for member states. These were largely BATted by 6underground and Glenni