Commonwealth of Marathon

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Mayor Diary


SimCity 4 Devotion
General Information
Author thundercrack83
Status Active
Tags Hall of Fame · Mixed Styles · Custom Lotting
Awards Hall of Fame · MD Award · OSITM
Language English

Commonwealth of Marathon is a Mayor Diary at SimCity 4 Devotion by thundercrack83, and consists of random pictures and updates looking at step-by-step processes within the game, as well as graphics and other auxiliary content such as maps, newspapers, and videos to give further insight into both the region of Marathon and its author. It is currently in the Mayor Diary HOF section.

Marathon opened on November 5, 2008, on the second anniversary of SC4Devotion, after friendly cajoling and teasing Dustin (thundercrack83) by Robin (rooker1), since Dustin was known at the time primarily as the local moderator of the MD section as SC4D, but had yet to open an MD of his own.

With its initial opening, Marathon grew at a rapid pace, reaching the Best Sellers on November 15, 2008, a period of just over ten days. In December 2008, the MD was tapped to be Of Special Interest This Month, and growth of Marathon skyrocketed. On the back of a daily picture regimen called "31 Days of OSITM" and a Jeopardy! contest, Marathon garnered 262 posts in the month of December, setting not only the record for the highest monthly growth of an MD, but also the record as the fastest MD to reach the Classics section, with the 500th post coming on December 30, 2008, just 55 days after its opening.

Marathon has also been in the Top 5 by Growth in the SC4Devotion Mayor Diary Statistics every week since its inception, spending ten weeks (nine straight) at number one.