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This page pertains to the format of the Ordinances file within Savegame files.

More information about the game's Ordinances can be found in the Ordinance article.


This specification covers the format of all ordinance files within SimCity 4 Savegame files. The relevant Type IDs are as follows: 00D0723D, 02BF1DFA, 22F6E80C, 22F6E81B, 40D07236, 42BF1E18, 62BF1DAA, 62BF1DB9, 62F6E7CF, 815B4CEF, 82B9999B, A0D07129, A2BF1DDC, A2BF1DE5, A2BF1E43, C2BF1DC5, C2BF1E04, C2F6E81F, E0D0722E, E0D07233.

Dword   - File size
Qword   - Unknown, always changing. Perhaps time stamp?
3 Bytes - Unknown, always the same.
Dword   - Type ID of file/Ordinance ID.
Dword   - Length of Ordinance Name.
String  - Ordinance Name.
Dword   - Length of Ordinance Description.
String  - Ordinance Description.
Dword   - Year available.
Dword   - Prior to City Incorporation, this is Monthly Chance. After incorporation, it changes.
Qword   - Enactment Income.
Qword   - Retractment Income.
Qword   - Monthly Constant Income/Expense.
Dword   - Monthly Income factor. 
Dword   - Unknown
Byte    - Available to Enact (In other words, is it actually showing up in the Ordinance screen or not).
Byte    - Ordinance On/Off (That is, whether the Ordinance has actually been enacted or not by the user).
Byte    - Unknown
Byte/QWord - Dual purpose:
             For Byte - City nonincorporated it's always 01.
             For QWord - Current Monthly Income/Expense.
             Once a city becomes incorporated it becomes a Qword for Monthly Income/Expense.

Byte    - Ordinance Category; Income/Expense.
8 Bytes - Unknown
Dword   - Group ID of Ordinance Exemplar.
Dword   - Type ID of Ordinance Exemplar.
Dword   - Instance ID of Ordinance Exemplar and/or Ordinance ID.
          (Seems to also be the same as the Type ID of the ordinance file in the savegame).