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The SC4Devotion Mayor Diary Statistics is a weekly statistical account and analysis of the post and view counts of all active Mayors' Diaries at SimCity 4 Devotion, maintained by thundercrack83.

Launched in May 2007 and posted each Wednesday (with a few exceptions), the concept of the MD Statistics was culled from the City Journal Statistics that we maintained by dedgren at Simtropolis. The original MD Statistics featured the post and view count, but soon the growth statistic--the measure of growth, or how many posts were made in each MD during that week--was added to give an indication of how much or how little each MD was growing during a given week.

Within the first month, the Top 5 by Growth table was added between each week statistical account, which tabulated the top five MDs by their growth amount. As of February 2009, the highest weekly growth amount is 92, set by Casper's Portfolio (CasperVg) on October, 8, 2008. Using the weekly growth total, the average daily post count was added to the table.

At the end of each month, graphs are added to the thread to show a visual account of the growth of each MD during the month, as well as the total growth for each of the top 5 MDs in the month. As of February 2009, the highest total monthly growth is 262, set by Commonwealth of Marathon (thundercrack83) in December 2008.

On February 16, 2009, an announcement was made, stating that the format and schedule of the MD Statistics would be rolled back from weekly updates every Wednesday, to monthly updates on the first of each month, effective on March 1, 2009.

The SC4Devotion Mayor Diary Statistics can be found here.