Tram-Road Addon Mod

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Tram-Road Addon Mod
Download from LEX
General Information
Credits Chrisim (modding)
Status Released (v 3.0)
Project Threads SC4D Development Thread
Language English

The Tram-Road Addon Mod or T-RAM is a NAM project that supplies a number of puzzle piece networks which merge the Light Rail and Road based networks.

Tram in Road

Tram on Road

Tram in Avenue

Tram in Street


T-RAM (Tram-Road Addon Mod or simply Tram as in GLR) is a NAM Project under development by several German members of the team, coordinated by Chrisim.

Additionally, several members (GoaSkin, Memo, Smoncrie and others) have done work on the GLR project of the NAM, the biggest included section of the NAM.

Several creations have been confirmed for release, including:

  • New GLR-in-Avenue Roundabouts
  • New GLR-in-Avenue puzzle pieces
  • New GLR-in-road and GLR-on-road puzzle pieces
  • Elevated Rail(NAM Puzzle pieces) and Highway above Tram-Avenue, Tram-in-Road and Tram-on-Road
  • Texture variations (tram on green grass)