Turning Lane Extension Pieces

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Turning Lane Extension Pieces
Part of NAM
General Information
Credits Tarkus, Blue Lightning, deathtopumpkins, superhands, Chrno
Status Available (Released)
Project Threads SC4Devotion
Language English

The Turning Lane Extension Piecse (TuLEP) is a transit modding project, produced by the NAM Team. Based upon an idea by Chrno, the TuLEP project will consist of a series of modular turn lane puzzle pieces for a variety of networks. These pieces will allow for the construction of variable width turn lanes, as well as a myriad of different lane control options, including double-left turn lanes, as shown by Tarkus in the first development image. Slip Lanes, an oft-requested feature for many years, will also be incorporated into TuLEPs.

The first release of TuLEPs, a "Basic TuLEPs" set, was released as part of the May 2010 NAM.

Current Development Thread at SC4D