Dennis Department Store

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Lot Stats
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General Information
Creator Author: Maxis
Lot Size 2x3 (RC), 3x2 (LC), 3x3 (LC)
Tileset Chicago
Stage 4 (3x3)
7 (2x3, 3x2)
Wealth Level CS§§

Occupants (§) 806 (Dilapidated)
Occupants (§§) 204
Bulldoze Cost §260
Construction 26 days
Flammability 43
Fire Stage 4
Power Cons. 17 MWh
Water Cons. 65 Gallons
Air Pol. 8 over 6 tiles
Water Pol. 4 over 6 tiles
Garbage Pol. 13 over 0 tiles

The Dennis Department Store is a Medium-Wealth Commercial Services Building that grows on only High Density Commercial zones. [1]

Reference Buildings

Dennis Department Store is clearly based on the May Company Building in Wilshire, California, completed in 1939. Aside from making the building overall smaller, the recreation is accurate.

Bizarrely, this building is placed in the Chicago Tileset, designed to hold pre-Art Deco buildings, not the New York tileset designed expressly for that purpose.


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