Urbs Urbis

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Urbs Urbis
Forums http://urbsurbis.com/
Exchange No Exchange
General Information
Webmaster OP4
Administrators JoeST
Languages English

Urbs Urbis (UU for short) was a community project begun at Simtropolis (ST) in 2007 to fashion an opensource SimCity clone. The impetus for the project was disappointment felt by many over the shortcomings of SimCity: Societies (SC:S), a completely unworthy successor SimCity game contracted out by Electronic Arts (EA) to California game developer Tilted Mill. As an aside, the fundamental correctness of the community's response to SC:S has been borne out by EA aqll but disowning the game following its release, and by dismal sales, while SC4 remains, as of early 2009, among the top-selling PC games of the year.

Urbs Urbis was started by Joerg on ST in a forum topic called Simtropolis 1000 which quickly grew into a large thread. This thread today continues to receive a significant number of ongoing comments, which speaks to the continued interest in the project. Community member Mike OP4 then volunteered to host an Urbs Urbis development site, but work on the project there had largely fizzled out by the spring of 2008 once the people who were the prime movers of the project began to fully comprehend the enormity of their task. The Urbs Urbis site was lost after Mikes death in ______, 2008. It. A child project continues at ST in the thread Simtropolis: The Game, a effort headed by SmartRoss1 which forked the popular Lincity)