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Lot Stats
Parks and Recreation
Lot Size 2x2
Plop Cost §70
Monthly Cost §5
Bulldoze Cost §10
Park Effect 80 over 10 tiles
Landmark Effect 50 over 10 tiles
CAP Relief provided 250 R§
250 R§§
250 R§§§
Flammability Inflammable
Ploppable Lot
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General Information
Credits Author: Maxis

The Beach is a Civic Building that provides Beautification and Recreation for your Sims.

Parks provide a Park Effect over a fixed radius, in addition to usually cleaning up air and water pollution and increasing CAPs.

The beach is a unique lot that is designed to spike local land values for all types of development. However, it balances this by requiring placement along a suitable waterfront and having a very small effective radius.


The Beach exhibits a rather notorious bug the MacOS version of the game, where all water tiles occupied by the lot won't show the water, instead showing a hole. Why this happens is not known.


The Beach bears a visual resemblance to the Beach lot in The Sims: Hot Date's downtown sub-neighbourhood.