Columbia Seafirst Center

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Lot Stats
Lot Size 6x6
Plop Cost §110,000
Monthly Cost §210
Bulldoze Cost §6,300
Landmark Effect 15 over 20 tiles
Mayor Rating Effect 6 over 256 tiles
Fire Stage 4
Flammability 31
Power Consumed 60 MWh/Month
Water Consumed 300 m3/Month
Air Pollution 5 over 1 tiles
Water Pollution 1 over 2 tiles
Garbage Pollution 1 over 0 tiles
Ploppable Lot
Columbia Seafirst.png
General Information
Credits Author: Maxis

Columbia Seafirst Center is a Landmark Building in SimCity 4.

It provides no services aside from a Landmark Effect and Mayor Rating boost.

It is a recreation of Columbia Center in Seattle, Washington, United States of America, completed in 2005.

The name of the building in real life does not match that of the game as the building was renamed from Columbia Seafirst Center to Bank of America Tower in 1983 when Seafirst was absorbed into Bank of America, then to Columbia Center when Bank of America greatly reduced the size of their tenancy in 2005. Maxis probably didn't use the building's actual name from the time to reduce confusion between it and the Bank of America landmark.