Large Elementary School

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Lot Stats
Lot Size 3x4
Plop Cost §2,100
Monthly Cost §2,000 Max
(§1,500 Bldg + §500 Coverage)
Bulldoze Cost §210
Jobs 12 R§
4 R§§
Education Quotient Boost 24 points
Student Capacity 3,000 Sims
Education Coverage Radius 680 Tiles
Education Effectiveness over Average Household Age 20 Years 5.0
30 Years 5.0
40 Years 0.5
50 Years 0.0
60 Years 0.0
70 Years 0.0
80 Years 0.0
Education Coverage Fade Pattern 0.0 100.0 100.0 100.0
Fire Stage 3
Flammability 32
Power Consumed 14 MWh/Month
Water Consumed 35 m3/Month
Air Pollution 1 over 3 tiles
Water Pollution 1 over 4 tiles
Garbage Pollution 14 over 0 tiles
UDI Vehicles Unlocked School Bus
Ploppable Lot
Large Elementary School.png
Download Here
General Information
Credits Author: Maxis

The Large Elementary School is a Civic Reward Building that provides Education to your Young Sims that was added in the Rush Hour Expansion Pack.

Education buildings increase the Education Quotient over a coverage radius. Some buildings have variable coverage radii which can be changed using a School Bus Funding slider, however the majority have a fixed radius that cannot be expanded or contracted without modding the game.

In Elementary School rankings, only the Elementary School is inferior.

Unlock Requirements

Main article: Tutorial:How to get Maxis Rewards


All Difficulties

  • Combined Residential Population in excess of 4,000 Sims.