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This is a category to contain all Civic Buildings created by Maxis for SimCity 4. Do not place any custom buildings into this category, put them in Category:Civic Buildings/Custom instead.

Civic Buildings are buildings in the game designed to provide a passive service to a lot or the city, unlike Utility Buildings which provide a consumable service to a lot or Category:Transport Buildings which provide a consumable service to a Sim.

Civic buildings can provide one of seven functions, all of which serve to improve the Mayor Rating, Land Value and Desirability of the areas they cover. The Police Department, Fire Department, Education Services, Health Services, Landmarks, Business Deals or Parks, all of which provide passive bonuses to their coverage area depending on their usage.

The Custom equivalent of this category is Civic Buildings/Custom

Do not place individual buildings in this category, place them in one of the subcategories below.


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