Advanced Research Center

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Lot Stats
Lot Size 6x7
Plop Cost §50,000
Monthly Cost §0
Bulldoze Cost §6,300
Jobs 92 R§§
31 R§§§
Park Effect 50 Penalty over 22 tiles
Landmark Effect 50 over 22 tiles
Mayor Rating Effect 4 over 3 tiles
Education Quotient Boost 30.0 points
CAP Relief provided 150,000 I-HT Jobs
Fire Stage 4
Flammability 36
Power Consumed 63 MWh/Month
Water Consumed 350 m3/Month
Air Pollution 3 over 2 tiles
Water Pollution 4 over 3 tiles
Garbage Pollution 3 over 0 tiles
Radiation Pollution 15 over 2 tiles
"Goofy Stat" Digits of Pi Calculated
Ploppable Lot
Advanced Research Center.png
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General Information
Credits Author: Maxis

The Advanced Research Center is a Civic Reward Building that greatly increases your city's High-Tech industrial capacity.

It is considered a necessity in High-Tech Industrial dominated cities due to the very high I-HT CAP relief properties given by this building.

It is a requirement in for unlocking the Space Port, the High-Tech Industrial trophy building.

The News Ticker fluff entry created on its placement is "Advanced Research Center Searches For Answers To Questions Never Asked".

Unlock Requirements

Main article: Tutorial:How to get Maxis Rewards


All Difficulties

  • High-Tech Industrial provides in excess of 2,000 Jobs
  • Average Mayor Rating in excess of 54 Points
  • A University has been constructed in the city

U Drive It Missions

  • Attack Helicopter Mission: Take Out Dr. Vu's "Secret" Lair


Despite the Tooltip in Rush Hour, the building does not actually have a monthly cost.