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Lot Stats
Lot Size 3x4
Plop Cost §2,500
Monthly Cost §450
Bulldoze Cost §230
Jobs 40 R§
15 R§§
Number of Jail Cells 1000
Fire Stage 3
Flammability 40
Power Consumed 38 MWh/Month
Water Consumed 100 m3/Month
Air Pollution 2 over 2 tiles
Water Pollution 1 over 3 tiles
Garbage Pollution 25 over 0 tiles
Ploppable Lot
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General Information
Credits Author: Maxis

The Jail is a Civic Building that increases the number of Jail Cells in your city, improving the performance of Police Stations in high-crime cities.

The Jail is the most expensive Crime facility in SimCity 4 and only serves to provide more cells to hold criminals. It's not needed in most cities as the number of cells provided by your police stations will usually be enough, but in particularly high-crime cities you may need additional cells, the service the Jail is designed to provide.

The Jail does not provide Police Protection in your cities, nor does it provide any dispatchable vehicles.

In Cell Count, it is positioned above the Deluxe Police Station and below the Federal Prison. However, the Deluxe Police Station is much cheaper and provides Police Protection and the Federal Prison, although it is a Business Deal and requires you to run your city at a loss, can hold three times as many inmates and generates an income.