Bettina Dean

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Bettina Dean
Bettina Dean.png
Bettina Dean (International Version)

Chris Shin.png
Chris Shin (Japanese Version)
English Bettina Dean
Department Health and Education
Advice LUA File CA63E2A3 4A5E8EF6 FF4CE096
Danish Bettina Meester
Dutch Bettina Meester
Finnish Päivikki Pipotiukka
French Susanne Ledoyen
German Katja Kämper
Italian Bettina Dean
Japanese クリス シン
(Chris Shin)
Polish Pelagia Plaga
Portuguese Dinalva Gaze
Spanish Bettina Dean
Swedish Bettan Kanyl

Bettina Dean is the Health and Education Advisor in SimCity 4. Her role is to advise the player on how to manage and improve their Public Healthcare and Education systems.

Private Education falls under the auspices of Neil Fairbanks, however Bettina will still bring overcapacity to the player's attention.

Regional Differences

Korea/Thailand/Taiwan/Hong Kong (SKU 3) and China (SKU 4)

It is understood that the Advisors were changed in these versions, but their names are not known and the only evidence is blurry screenshots.

Japan (SKU 5)

Chris Shin (クリス シン) replaces Bettina Dean as the Health and Education Advisor in the Japanese version of SimCity 4.